Bulloch dui offers the 20 hour risk reduction school

every 3 weeks

This curriculum is the mandatory intensive risk reduction school/course that is regulated by the Department of Driver Safety (DDS).  Upon completion of the course a Certificate of Completion is issued to the participant.


                          What our Customers are saying about us:

  "This program is very educational.  The instructor did a spectacular job teaching and interacting with the students. Thanks!"

  "I am more convinced of the emotional and physical devastation of addiction and have learned a lot."

  "The part that enlightened me most was how my brain functions concerning the choices I make"

  What I will do differently since taking this class is: "...strive harder to make low risk decisions in the future."

  The part of the course I found most useful: "...the stages of alcoholism from threshold, tolerance, state-dependent learning  

  and psychological dependence, and the dangers behind them."

  The part of the course I found most useful: "...realizing that I fit the criteria to be on the road to alcoholism made me face

  the reality that I have some changes to be made in my life."



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​​upcoming classes:

  • July 9,10,11 2021                 

  • July/Aug 30,31,1, 2021                     Assessment     $  100.00
  • ​August 20,21,22,2021                        Course              $  235.00
  • Sept. 17,18,19,2021                            Book                 $    25.00
  • Oct.8,9,10, 2021                                 Total                  $   360.00 
  • Oct. 29,30,31 2021 
  • Nov. 19,20,21,2021
  • Dec. 17,18,19, 2021 


    Class Times:    Friday 5-9PM, Saturday and Sunday 8AM to 5PM

            Class sizes are limited and sign up is first-come, first-serve.  You MUST register,

               take the assessment and pay for the course PRIOR to the first day of class.

 School # 2070